Michele is an enthusiastic and curious designer, and he always come with a big smile :) During his internship here he learned the essence of user centric design and was part of a few really exciting projects, i.e. designing the future of connected homes. I wish Michele the best of luck on his future adventure!
— Lennart Andersson - Director of Interaction Design, Design Strategist, Partner @ Veryday
Getting Michele to your team is like getting a wave of feel good energy in the work-place every day. He’s talented, creative, calm, full of ideas but at the same time pragmatic. He works hard, contributes a lot and always delivers- without losing his happy spirit. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I would love to work with him again!
— Paula C Leyton - Kommunikatör / Marknadskoordinator at Veryday
I worked with Michele during the second module of Hyper Island: UX and UI design. We worked on a project for Atracta and during this period it was great to work with Michele. His passion and enthusiasm motivates the group. Besides his energy Michele is well skilled in drawing and his cartoons are very inspiring.
— Ingmar Larsen - Creative @ 180 Amsterdam